Working Through the Process

Well, I have finally finished my rough draft, and three revisions, of my first short story intended for publication on Amazon’s Kindle platform.  The purpose of this short story is to learn the ups and downs of navigating Amazon’s KDP so I fully understand the process before attempting to self-publish a longer novel.

This has become an interesting journey already.  There are a lot of guidelines involved for formatting for Kindle and creating front and back matter that includes an appropriate title page, copyright information, dedications, and the like.  Making sure all of this is properly formatted so my book does not look amateurish is very important to me, and I have had several resources in helping me on this path.

First, and foremost, is Amazon’s Book Building Book itself.  This free eBook is great for understanding margins, pagination, and paragraph spacing.  The tips offered within the book are things I would have never thought about and was well with the FREE cost.  Seriously, why not take it from the people in the know?  Amazon is essentially telling you exactly how your eBook needs to be formatted in order to read correctly on Kindle, as well as a few hints and tips that will help your book sell better.  Who could ask for more that that?

Secondly, and almost more important than proper book formatting, is information delivered by the outstanding Selena Kitt.  This woman has already paved the way for all writers of erotica, so I will not attempt to rewrite the wheel here.  Instead, I will suggest that you read her blog, and the information there about publishing eBooks.  The important information she covers on her blog, under the publishing section, deals with things like using proper keywords so you are not lost in the world of “the stigma of erotica” on Amazon’s search and categorization functions.  She also discusses how to ride out the “Pornpocolypse” as the “straight and narrow” attempt to ban and block books containing a certain level of “questionable matter.”

Thirdly, we’re taking book covers.  I cannot even scratch the surface of all of the information regarding book cover design that is out there.  The bottom line, from everything I’ve read, is that one should hire a professional graphic designer (NOT a graphic “artist” – there is a difference, and if you are unfamiliar with that difference, the quickest way for me to explain it is to suggest you look at the amount of formal education the designer has had; there is a lot of science behind graphic design, and those graphic “artists” typically have not spent the time to learn that science, instead choosing to “feel” their way through the design – which often creates bad designs).

In the end, after writing the book, there is still a lot of work that needs to be accomplished before self-publishing can happen.  I’ll keep you posted as I fumble my way through the process.

B. Fine

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