Writing, writing, writing …

Writing is hard work. Don’t ever let anyone tell you anything different. Writing is a full-time job for me. I put in an average of forty-five hours each week dedicated solely to writing (I also put in roughly fifty-five hours a week at another full-time job, just to pay the rent).

It’s true, writing does not pay the bills. In fact, the income I generate from the smattering of stories I’ve self-published on Amazon is about enough to buy me a candy bar (at least at this point). The things I publish on Amazon are short and sexy. No more than a novelette or novella, and vary rarely more than a scene or two.

That doesn’t mean these are the only things I’m writing. Some time ago I posted that I was in the midst of a full-length novel. I finished it and decided it wasn’t good enough to publish, so I threw it in the bottom dresser drawer to collect dust or be torn apart by mice and used as nesting material.

Still I write, and still it’s hard work. Character arcs, themes, plot points, and scene beats. It isn’t all just sex.

Writing something worth putting out into the world takes time and consideration. The shorts I’ve published so far have been quick and dirty little things. One shots with none of the necessary structural supports to be called a true story. They really are no more than some quick porn … and that’s okay.

That’s what they’re there for. A quick read meant to titillate and get you off (and hopefully they do just that).

Still, I want more. So I am working on more longer fiction. If that means additional time between installments of shorter work, I’ll have to live with that. I full novel, with appropriate arcs and all the fixings is what I’m hoping to create. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it.

Do me a favor, and spread the word about the short stories I’ve published thus far. “High Tension,” my first attempt at any kind of writing, “The Diary of Heather Taylor – Part 1: Meet the Parents,” my second attempt and the first installment of the Heather Taylor series, and “The Diary of Heather Taylor – Part 2: The Arboretum,” the second installment of the Heather Taylor series, and by far my best work (and new as of today, July 3rd, 2015).

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing and you keep reading. I love you all.

Ciao, Lovers!

B. Fine

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