Oui Oui Masseur

Book cover for Oui Oui Massuer by Bethany Fine

Oui Oui Masseur

Chasity Cohen has a literal pain in the ass. Her sciatic nerve is driving her to drink.

When Chasity’s girlfriends discover how much pain she’s really in, they suggest she see Gerard, and the way they talk, Chasity almost believes Gerard’s hands are magic.

There’s only one problem. Chasity doesn’t like to be touched. Period.

But she isn’t given a chance to say no when her friends kidnap her and drop her off at Gerard’s massage studio.

What she discovers, as this hunky masseuse slathers her with essential oils, is that she doesn’t mind Gerard touching her. In fact, she actually enjoys it . . . maybe a little too much.

Now, rather than focusing on just getting through the massage, Chasity must spend every ounce of mental energy focusing on not thinking about what else Gerard could do to her.