Book cover for Oui Oui Massuer by Bethany Fine

Oui Oui Massuer

Chasity has a literal pain in the ass, but the massage therapist her friends set her up with is going to work out more than just the knots in her backside.

Book Cover for Breathe on Me by Bethany Fine

Breathe on Me

Dillon Claremont was using his photography to seduce women long before he ever met Natalie Waters. Read about one of Dillon’s earliest conquests here.

Book Cover for Sneaking in with the Babysitter

Sneaking in with the Babysitter

Geneva is on her way to college and has broken a date with her boyfriend so she can watch the Lundgren kids one last time, but when he breaks into the Lundgren home to spend time with her, Geneva must hide him from her wards, and he doesn’t make it easy.

Book Cover for The Diary of Heather Taylor - Part 1: Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

Heather wants to introduce her boyfriend to her parents, but he’s more interested in teasing her in plain sight of her parents.

Book Cover for The Diary of Heather Taylor - Part 2: The Arboretum

The Arboretum

Heather finds herself trapped in a bathroom stall when two of the arboretum’s employees burst in to sew their own seeds and discovers an unexpected arousal while waiting for them to finish.