The Arboretum

Book Cover for The Diary of Heather Taylor - Part 2: The Arboretum

The Diary of Heather Taylor – Part 2: The Arboretum

In this second installment, Heather agrees to run an errand for Old Harold, one of the local retirees who volunteers at the state arboretum.

Heather agrees to deliver a message to the arboretum’s head gardener and plans a little solo time for herself, enjoying a bit of nature and a bit of naughty adventure in the semi-public garden..

But when she arrives and finds the visitor’s center deserted, Heather decides to make a pit stop to the women’s restroom before finding a shady spot under a tree to enjoy a little self-love before tracking down the head gardener.

That’s when she finds herself trapped inside one of the stalls as two arboretum volunteers burst in and make the restroom their private playground of love.

Heather does everything she can to remain quiet so she doesn’t spoil the moment, but she was already feeling frisky and she can’t help but to watch the passion of their love-making through the crack in the stall door and to mimic each of their motions for her own pleasure.