Untested Waters

Untested Waters

Natalie Waters is a typical Santa Vacía housewife.

She maintains a trophy wife figure, volunteers at the city’s homeless shelters, is the perfect hostess, and spends her husband’s money with reckless abandon.

Including paying for Dillon, the city’s most expensive photographer, to shoot her daughter’s senior portraits.

When Dillon catches her with her pants around her ankles and blackmails her for more than she’s willing to give, Natalie is afraid that the world she has built for herself will crumble around her.

It seems the only person she can turn to for help is her new neighbor, Courtney—a stranger who awakens in Natalie a terrifying and addictive kind of desire.

As the two plot to destroy the leverage Dillon holds over her, Natalie dives into a darker world of sex and desire, only to discover Dillon’s debauchery threatens her entire family.