Erotic Artist of the Month – March 2018

Bonjour, Lovers!

This is a new segment of this blog called “Erotic Artist of the Month,” where I plan on introducing you to a new artist exploring the world of ertoicism and sexuality through art.

So … without further ado:

Erotic Artist of the Month – March 2018


Flour Power by MissSouls
Flour Power by MissSouls

MissSouls is the DeviantArt username of an amazing woman from German who explores various themes of human nature through the lens of erotica. My favorite piece of hers is title “Flour Power” which calls to mind a sculpture from antiquity. There is a sense of passion between the two figures locked in embrace, and yet there is also a sense of connection and belonging. The way in which the fabric seems to meld the two figures together speaks to a unity between them. Yes, there is longing, but there is also belonging.

This piece, in particular, belies the typical pornographic sense of erotica we’ve become so accustomed to. This is erotic, yes, but it’s also sensual and emotional. There’s an art to it beyond the titilation of two nude figures locked in embrace, and the way the flour and the fabric work together to recreate the sense of stone dust and powder, bringing to mind sculptures from the Renaissance adds a certain gravitas to the image.

What do you think of MissSoul’s work? Leave a comment in the section below, or better yet, visit her page and tell her how much you love her work!

If you have a favorite artist you’d like to see featured here, send me a note in the Contact section of this page.


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